Saturday, June 23, 2012

saturday shopping list, june 23rd...

£125.00 gbp
navy blue cotton poplin backless dress, by 13threads

 { click on the price below each picture to view the listing on etsy, and on the shop names to see what other lovelies you may find!}      

 silk blouse "charcoal stripes with a vintage french lace" vintage kimono fabric, by erinswindow

 handwoven canyon scarf featuring cotton and multi-öko fibers, by sameheartdesigns

€50,00 eur
 d'après la pluie - triptyque2, by augoutdubifidus

 tree line vignette necklace - large hand painted blue and white wooden pendant on copper chain, by meghannrader

 woven merino blanket in white and chocolate brown wool, by riverfarmri

backyard jungle sundress: floral girl halter dress in red, purple, and green, by fleuranddot

 wedding clutch. missoni. bridesmaid gift bag. chevron cosmetic bag. pouch for purse, by decozonestudio

think of it as an adventure black and white motivational print, by thelittlechickadee

navy blue long sundress. maxi dress. summer dress, by naftul

 the kaleidoscope locket - vintage, by verabel

charcoal black scarf from leightweigh cotton knit - long cotton scarf - unisex, by lilaccadillac

navy blue chinoiserie floral pillow case, by giardino

happy saturday


naftul said...

Amazing Blog Post!

Thank you so much for featuring me!

13threads said...

I like your choices. Thank you so very much for making my dress one of them.

augoutdubifidus said...

Thank you for your post!
Le site est magnifique.