Wednesday, February 22, 2012

sessun, steven alan, zinke...

well, i tend to be more of a 'go to the thrift store and sneeze my way through the jumbled racks of dusty clothes until i find something magical for only $2' kind of girl... but that doesn't mean i can't drool over the inspiring designs from the likes of sessun, steven alan, and zinke, right?!

speaking of, i finally gave in to the endless void of eyecandy that is pinterest... 200 pins already?? what has happened to me...

spot on... timeless, vintage-inspired, simplicity, with just the right pop of rich color... dresses to slip on in the heat of summer.  a few pretty accessories. done.

another vintage-inspired collection.  adorably sweet.  pretty and feminine.  casual with personality. ready for a bicycle ride, with a picnic in the basket

and zinke always does lingerie and swimwear right... the perfect starting point to make you feel confident and strong.  romantic and self assured. ready to layer with lightweight summer ware. pieces that deserve to peak through

happy wednesday

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