Thursday, January 12, 2012

the tenth day...

the interwebs connection is finally back up and running, and i'm determined to finish out the twelve day mash-up series! so, here we go...

* day ten:  'within the rose', by matthew and the atlas *

and the shopping list it inspired:
goodnight moon print 8x12, by mkendall

winter forest original papercut, by samaki

a friend at mirror lake, by theaterclouds

bird papercut: swallow hand-cut paper silhouette, by papercutsbyjoe


there used to be this girl print, by myfolklover

thumbelina / laser cut shadow puppet / fairy tale, by isabellasart

banjo girl - fine art photograph, by janeheller

the fall 3/50 - deluxe edition print, by thenebulouskingdom


feeding frenzy - cut paper sculpture, by tinymishaps

handmade paper cut out work - forest, by swipxa

sale vintage honer tango II b accordion, from estatehound

happy thursday


Liesl said...

What a pretty song and nice video too...thank you for introducing that to me! :) So glad I stumbled upon your lovely blog this evening!

Liesl :)

katy said...

thanks so much, liesl... and so glad you found your way here!



Catherine said...

Hello! Thank you so much for including me amongst these beautiful selections! Happy New Year xx :)

TheNebulousKingdom said...

thank you for including my print "The Fall", your whole selection is absolutely stunning :)

Happy New Year, all the best for your creative mind this 2012!