Thursday, January 12, 2012

the eleventh day...

*  day eleven: 'up up up', by givers *

new york city chinatown miniature tilt-shift 8x10 print, by ispynyc

cloud climbing - 5x7 print, by roadsideprojects

gin. a large brass chevron necklace., by rootsandfeathers

park art print - retro collage art - limited edition, by kitschyhippo

in dreams - 8x10 photograph, by erintyner

spaced out - made up space game board art print, by twolittlefruits

shelf city no. 386, by theoakleaves

the world looks different, by kikiandpolly

11 x 14 original collage, by jakeruizartwork

on the edge of the city large, by theaterclouds

happy thursday

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