Friday, December 16, 2011

the third day...

in anticipation of seeing some fantastic ben sollee singing and cello action tonight, at grocery on home, here is day three...

* day three - 'close to you', by ben sollee *

and the shopping list it inspired:
€9.329,00 eur
under the apple tree canopy bed, by lummedesigns

vinyl wall decal man with antique bicycle, by cuttinupcustomdiecut

1970s vintage tan mens blazer, from brickwallviews

antique 1940s feed sack quilt hand stitched and hand tied, from holliezhobbiez

fey illumination chandelier (natural) wood tree branch sculptural lighting, by eronrauch

4 bike pint glasses. bright green bicycle, by vital

bunny on bicycle - 8 x 12 - fine art print, by ellemoss

paper flowers. origami flower bouquet, by cottagelakegifts

happy friday

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