Thursday, December 15, 2011

the second day...

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sorry for missing yesterday's mash-up post... i lost my internet connection last night and wasn't able to finish it.  so i will play catch up this week, and will post two one day.  in the meantime, day two!

* day two - 'heart full of wine', by angus & julia stone *

and the shopping list it inspired:

1970's medium - yellow sage green - floral boho indie folk - dress, from myavonlea

run away 18 x 24 inch large painting. couple art, by tastesorangey

musical laundry horizontal - fine art photography, by thepdxphotographer

1950's sheer beach dress, from whhttt

sale scrap and found art mobile, by enhabiten

cavallo cocktail hat, by jaderosedesigns

10 x 10 to be - etsy project embrace, by f2images

quilted coverlet was once a couple of bed sheets, by afterbefore

canoe fabric on cedar frame hand crafted, by tidalcraft

happy thursday

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Clare Elsaesser said...

Katy, thank you! Your blog is so beautiful, and I am beyond flattered to be included along side so many lovely finds.