Saturday, August 20, 2011

saturday shopping list - august 20th...


sale vintage 60s forest green secretary blouse, from aiseirigh

'august close'

sweetness of dappled light and humming whisper 
found in the wake of yesterday's cicada song.
soft breezes rush decaying fields.  to clashing gusts 
of affection for the here and there love triangle of the seasons. 

a tangled love. gives birth to galloping august, 
pushed in eastern currents
toward new romance. of vivid color burst forth.  

see color red.  does notos, but fret not, for would 
first sweet autumn winds caress
without this passion of late summer's breath 
pooling moisture in the hollows.

torrents of moisture. roll down as brother winds collide in afternoon
thunder sounds washing above into perfect blue:
a roaring season vanishing into its wake, of autumn's humming whisper.

(originally posted august 30th, 2010)

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photo diver at lake, from maclancy


lace leggings - subtle faux thigh high, by iheartnorwegianwood


littleput vignette- sunlight. a string of photographs for your wall, by littleputbooks


leather camera strap with brown neck pad, by lorayn09


moss and ivy natural perfume oil, by forstrangewomen


vintage 1970's sheer floral dream dress, from tendervintage


vintage batik framed signed 1948, from vintagequeen


claylight pendant 5", by lightexture


mini phaedra in striped canvas and orange leather, by milloo


woodland fantasy whimsical red fox head necklace, by seaofbees

happy saturday

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milloo said...

Lovely selections! Thank you for including my clutch :)