Thursday, August 11, 2011


in the middle of putting this post together, a rather large hawk landed in my sister's yard, ready to grab one (or two, or three) of her sweet chicken's for a feathery dinner meal... a mad dash ensued to find and rescue the hens from a disastrous fate (three of the chickens gave a 'heck no' to that hawk, and hopped straight over the fence to the neighbor's yard).  several frantic minutes later, all of the chicken's were accounted for, terrified, but safe and sound.  unfortunately, my sister's foot wasn't as lucky, after meeting with rusty metal next door... off for a tetanus shot we go

here's to a night of putting your feet up, sis, and relaxing with a glass of wine and some lovely ear candy!

** and there is still time to enter the giveaway below, to win a copy of the fall issue of diy magazine (in which a certain textile artist was fortunate enough to be featured), along with a surprise handmade gift!

happy thursday

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