Sunday, May 9, 2010

'willow wind'...

'willow wind'

carry my calm with your willowy sway, bough bent in perfect arc.  a ballerina's tip toed reach into floor... middle pulled up by angel's breath...

that breath. oh, your sweet breath pours through the organ, holding me captive by your temptress hand.  drawn out as the subtle sweeping, always eluding, rolls 'round my back.  a lover's whispered caress.  wisps of hair tossed in a floating, teasing dance of fingers and will... one moment ahead, anticipation of my instinctual move.  that huff of exasperation, exhaled from my lips as i reach with that hopeless, eternal struggle to grasp a presence which lives outside the limitations of my silly, mortal need to control.  

oh, and here, the petal, enchanted by your singular magic, fluttering past my captivated eyes.  little bird's song magnified by your waves.  leaves and twigs and hollowed trunk, joining in a neighbor's applause, in appreciation of the show... a domino wave falling 'round the world.  and, i'll clap my hands with you, to endeavor for your concerto harmony.  until my arm's fly out as if i lived inside that little bird's feathers.  

please, carry me up with you.  i want to soar, my middle tumbling to the earth below.  we try so hard, little bird.  how you must laugh at our feeble attempts to attain your simplistic grandeur.  are you flattered by our imitation?  our mocking struggle to prove

alway's one step behind, just a second too late.  moment's wasted in our inability to still and the endless caper of searching.  all in a world who's dance card has filled up by those more majestic on their toes.  

you know this, wind.  you tease with your knowledge and play on our universal ego

  until there is release, we'll never fly by your hands