Tuesday, May 4, 2010

'from flesh to sea'...

..., by laneybutler )

'from flesh to sea'

that driftwood memory plays with the grains in my mind.  shifting under the sailboat moored in tomorrow's harbor, with picture paths of spoken words and calendar weeks.  straining, heaving, against the tidal wave... a pirate's plundering of the skull

let go

  cast off that captive line

fibers slipping... burning down the length of palm, pouring back the salt from flesh to sea in an excruciating caress of this moment's dance...  a tango of last breath and promised years.

up, by lissy elle )

throw up those wings of limbs and fly upon the uncertainty of the horizon, be it an unchartered sail through tempest skies; a topsy-turvy teetering into that ever evasive western light.
extend, if you will, and grasp the silent, sightless air; fingers bent in a carving out of life line 

for that calcification of time, that unmoving scar, forges a slippery surface to skate into the tomorrow... a perilous mode of transportation, forcing full focus on the now, on the present, on the thin edge of precarious balance

coast to the shore? or soar with bubbling glee...  a laughing cry splashed out into the sea

joy, by lynn fagerlie )

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happy tuesday!


Shaylynn said...

Hello:) I just stumbled across your blog and I think it's brilliant, I love it.

Have a great day!

katy said...

thanks so very much, shaylynn. so glad you found the blog... it's lovely hearing from those who are reading your words!
really love your blogs (and congrats on an unbarbie journey!)

Vicky - Acoustic Wave said...

Mmmmm what lovely sea poetry - I'm visiting via Green & Pretty and reading as the waves crash against the shore below my window. Perfect. :)

Marinka said...

oh this little girl has such a cute smile

katy said...

vicky, thank you (and so jealous of your crashing waves!)

marinka, i know, her smile is infectious!