Tuesday, November 17, 2009

saturday shopping list - oops

little grey donkey, by littleloveblue
(oh how i wish i could snatch him up!)

handwoven throw in christmas red, by lindahighhandweaver

wee three gnomes, by thetinyhouse

wing dress in madras, by verypurpleperson

okay, okay, i meant to post the 'saturday shopping list' on saturday (makes more sense, right!), but i'm running about three days late in general these days with everything, so i figured why not

as you can see, i'm thoroughly excited about the holiday/winter season this year, and i'm so looking forward to adding christmas loveliness to my new home in a few weeks time. i've also been enjoying this ridiculously long autumn here in georgia... has it been a long fall elsewhere?

i'd been told that the autumn beauty made georgians forget the humid summers here (although this summer was actually pretty decent... not really so different than the normal brooklyn summers i'm used to... but perhaps that was unseasonal); but, wow, trees blooming in waves for three months? beautiful autumnal temperatures, allowing you to wear your autumn apparel without covering up with coats, scarves, and hats in november? i'm actually rarely comfortable with any temperature (my body doesn't seem capable of regulating either heat or cold!)... really, 68-72 with a soft sunshine is my ideal comfort zone; and, oh, how many lovely days we've had just like that

it all makes the long months of bundling up in layers of coats and scarves seem so much more bearable when it is actually confined to the winter season! i will admit that i'm hoping for some snow this year... especially now that i can bundle in front of the fire and watch the flakes swirling in the woods behind my house

hope everyone is enjoying their autumn... any great thanksgiving ideas? i'm always eager to hear of fun family traditions

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