Thursday, November 12, 2009

grosgrain giveaway and eye candy lusciousness

well, it's time for another fabulous grosgrain giveaway... this time i'm hoping to win for a certain best friend of mine who is expecting her first baby next spring... you know who you are ;)

this is a guest giveaway from layla grace, for a 'little giraffe blanket in chenille dot' with a matching 'little giraffe security blanket in chenille dot'... your choice of color! looks so deliciously snuggly

to enter yourself, you can simply link to the giveaway on your own site... click here for details

and, if you haven't discovered the loveliness of grosgrain, CLICK right on over there! along with lovely guest giveaways, kathleen shares many wonderful sewing tutorials, along with giveaways of her own creations. and, i will just say it now... her garments and pictures are so absurdly beautiful! such luscious eye candy. i still giggle every time i see the lengths she went to not only in her sewing but in the staging of the photography! i had to include some pictures of her work:

*** p.s. you can vote here for a grosgrain dress in the 'dare to design' contest on shabby apple

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trinsch said...

stunning photos! thanks for sharing :)