Sunday, July 6, 2008

Tree of Life

my latest treasury  is inspired by one of nature's greatest gifts...the tree, and all its vast glories!

i personally find the tree to be one of the most beautiful and inspiring images on earth.  a single tree can provide such miraculous beauty, with subtle and sometimes drastic variations each season...the depth of a lush summer fullness, the misty ocean of color in autumn, the dark twisting outline of a bare winter, and back again to the intense newness of a green and floral spring tree. when these seasonal beauties sometimes overlap, the effect is mesmerizing.  

my wallhangings in particular are often inspired both abstractly and literally by the trees that surround me in brooklyn.  i'm so fortunate to live a few blocks from the beautiful prospect park, and the rich botanical life it encompasses. i often walk through the wooded terrain and imagine a world in which my little needle felted magical characters can come to life... little nooks in the tree become fairy homes, and broad leaves their boats on which to sail!

i hope you enjoy this treasury of trees!

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Cary said...

very beautifully written... and a lovely treasury too!