Monday, July 7, 2008

red river gorge and the beauty of kentucky

some pictures from my trip to kentucky, and in particular, my visit to the majestic red river gorge and natural bridge...on a perfect kentucky mountain day of 75 degrees with sunny skies.  i've also included pictures from my grandmother and aunt's wonderful garden.

granny and aunt 'laine's garden:


sneaky raccoon eating the cat food!


beautiful potted flowers

red river gorge:

wild tiger lilies at natural bridge

the trail to chimey rock overlook

chimney rock, overlooking the valley

people standing on the rock, calling over to us...
the sound traveled beautifully over the valley

hmmm...little fairy house in this tree?

wild berries

wild blueberries...we were waiting
for some bears to come by

cicada drying its wings

cave through the trees

woods and cliffs of nada

nada tunnel

nada entrance to the gorge

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Cary said...

i'm so sad i missed it:(