Monday, September 10, 2012

september at home...

a few images from around the house, for september...

some fun, original paintings i found at the thrift store.  the quaint city scene pictured above, and another portrait of a bearded man, further down (i mean, who could pass up a beard painting!)... that one was actually unfinished, and was painted atop another, earlier portrait of a woman, which you can still see when you turn the canvas upside down.  it's funky and i love it.

i found this red, wool, navajo rug a few months ago, while out thrifting with my sister (i think this was right before she gave birth to my niece, tessa!)... it fits perfectly on my white trunk (my grandfather's war trunk, which he later painted white to use as a toy chest for his four children), which is sitting as a coffee table in front of my daybed.

recovered the lamp shade in this recycled red and cream toile (was once a bed sheet), and found the perfect red and cream antique plate at the thrift store to hang on this wall as well... when i get around to it ;)

my sweet niece... now two months old

happy monday

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ImSoVintage said...

Love everything, but of course the last photo is the best. Sweetest baby in the world and she loves her Aunt Katy :)