Thursday, August 16, 2012


{ 'four bulbs' ; admiral fallow ; facebook ; twitter }

"and i wake to the wail.
like moan of a bus as it groans to a standstill,
around the block from the place that i'll leave soon;
four bulbs later, bulbs from the lamp that my dad bought me.

so i'll hit the ground running and tear up the streets.
but complain about my face and the pain in my feet,
as i notch up another year until we're all past it.
and the noose around my neck's tightened too much to take."

{ 'hey love' ; miner ; facebook ; twitter }

"we've lost our way, led love astray
your window shakes; the wind can wait
fallen off the ledge
did you leave me for dead?
fell right off of the ledge
will i find you again, love?

hold up your hands if you hear me
i'm coming honey
hold on, hold on
lift up the sun with your love
i've been laying low
so long, so long

these tangled shapes; our hearts can take
your window breaks; our garden fades
still, the wind when it blows
i can hear, i can hear it you know
i know time's movin slow
but if you wait, it can save what you love
and i know that it's you"

happy thursday

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