Saturday, April 28, 2012

saturday shopping list, april 28th...

 roses and crisp white linen edwardian night gown, from silkwormvintage

"COME out . . . . out 
To this inevitable night of mine 
Oh you drinker of new wine, 
Here's pageantry . . . . Here's carnival, 
Rich dusk, dim streets and all 
The whispering of city night . . . . 
I have closed my book of fading harmonies, 
(The shadows fell across me in the park) 
And my soul was sad with violins and trees, 
And I was sick for dark, 
When suddenly it hastened by me, bringing 
Thousands of lights, a haunting breeze, 
And a night of streets and singing . . . . 
I shall know you by your eager feet 
And by your pale, pale hair; 
I'll whisper happy incoherent things 
While I'm waiting for you there . . . . 
All the faces unforgettable in dusk 
Will blend to yours, 
And the footsteps like a thousand overtures 
Will blend to yours, 
And there will be more drunkenness than wine 
In the softness of your eyes on mine . . . . 
Faint violins where lovely ladies dine, 
The brushing of skirts, the voices of the night 
And all the lure of friendly eyes . . . . Ah there 
We'll drift like summer sounds upon the summer air . . . ."

~  'city dusk' f. scott fitzgerald

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 3 bowl set - concrete - french country, by bungalowstreet

 high waisted short shorts - archella 'my lover' shorts, by archella

 el condor triangle necklace, by julienolan

€65,00 eur
shredded shirt black black basic back, by commeonveut

 ready made : jumbo canister in sand color clay with grey, by vitrifiedstudio

 antique grain sacks // ranger alfalfa collection, from 86home

tell me all the things that i wanna hear, by girlonavine

motivational 8"x10" print - go explore, by calamaristudio

 yes tag pendant necklace, by carolinabenoit

 lea maxi sheer shirt dress, by oukymmik

 body chain harness // brass triangle and feather fringe detail, by tzunuum

black cutout maxi, by hackwithdesign

 simplex school wall clock, from amradio

happy saturday


Michelle Tavares said...

I just had a buyer message me to tell me that she found my shop cia your beautiful blog! Thank you so very much! I love your other finds as well, especially the el condor necklace. :)

Michelle Tavares said...

Oops! I meant via not cia.