Monday, March 12, 2012

home grown...

we have this fantastic, neighborhood restaurant just a few minutes down the road from my house... home grown.  where the produce is grown out back.  where every type of person gathers... visiting for both the delicious comfort food (that also happens to be healthy) and the welcoming atmosphere.  where local art can always be found gracing the walls. and where vintage goods are sold in the makeshift thrift store at the back of the restaurant.

love making my way through after a big breakfast... the thrill of finding sweet treasures. 

this last weekend, clint eastwood and amy adams spent some time enjoying the delights of home grown as well, while filming 'trouble with the curve'...

seems amy adams enjoyed peeking through the vintage goods ;)

last month i found this fantastic vintage pottery planter, with dark gray and teal stripes.  the kind of piece that is just so deliciously perfect.  i know it was just waiting to be paired with the right textile piece!  and, so, this sweet planter inspired this textile succulent, hand stitched from vintage, recycled cotton chenille, with a felted wool blossom.  a wire armature, to allow the succulent to be reshaped in several different ways. finished with real moss and bark...

 this one is going to be difficult to part with

happy monday

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