Saturday, April 30, 2011

saturday shopping list - april 30th...


julys one-piece half-sleeve swing dress, by julys

"the trees are coming into leaf
like something almost being said;
the recent buds relax and spread,
their greenness is a kind of grief.

is it that they are born again
and we grow old? no, they die too,
their yearly trick of looking new
is written down in rings of grain.

yet still the unresting castles thresh
in fullgrown thickness every may.
last year is dead, they seem to say,
begin afresh, afresh, afresh."

~  'the trees',  philip larkin

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vanilla lace fifi pleated clutch, by bagatellesandco

 parchment paper origami lampshade - size xl - hanging, by nellianna


bright robins egg blue porcelain bottle, by suiteonestudio


organic cotton ruffle dress large, by riordanroache


major biddle framed vintage portrait print by artist thomas sully, from gareb28


v i n t a g e cast metal candelabra, from buffalowinter


dreaming puma hand carved slingshot, by mexchic


bird and floral etched round vintage filigree mirror, from clothandpatina


vintage ivory hand knitted vest, from thetailorsstories


the life of a sailor print, by estherfromthesticks


vintage 1940's soft blue blouse, from coldfish


ankle boots, from goldenponies

happy saturday


Suite One Studio: Lindsay Emery said...

Absolutely gorgeous finds! I am honored to be included in such a wonderful collection! Thank you for sharing!

yeonhee said...

Lovely list! Thank you so much for including our vest. Your blog looks so awesome! ;-)

Kylie said...

Oh lovely!! Thanks so much for including me! Your blog is so creative! Love it.

Unknown said...

Very beautiful, thanks for including our lampshade :)

Unknown said...

Such pretty things! I'd like them all :)