Monday, March 7, 2011

another project complete (almost)...

another project crossed off my list (well, almost)... i finally painted two vintage ladder back chairs, from the yellow they had been painted at some point before they came home to me; eventually deciding on a nice gray (which seems to vary from pale to quite dark, depending on the light), with some coordinating jute webbing over the woven seats.  

 here is the before:

and the after:

i'm thinking of doing a natural colored linen, with the black and gray checked linen on the opposite side, for the cushions... 

altogether, the project will end up costing less than $30:

chairs, $5 a piece from the thrift store
paint, $4
jute webbing (found here), $3.00
black and gray japanese linen (found here on sale), $1.50 
thrifted recycled linen, $1.00

so now i just need to buy some foam to make the cushions, and i'll be all set!

happy monday


Cary Walker said...

they look pretty!

Evelyn said...

goodluck on the project, from what I see, it's going to look lovely, can't wait to see the final product!


Tricia Rose said...

I love this - the jute is inspired, and that Japanese black and white check is mouthwatering! Can you find any squashy little down or kapok pillows to go inside? You have dome such a lovely job they deserve better than...foam.

katy said...

thanks so much to all of you!

tricia rose, thanks so much for the wonderful suggestion (i'm so in love with your work)! i think you're absolutely right... in fact, i had one little down pillow already on hand, which i just tried out on one of the chairs... perfect! now i just need to pick up one more for the other chair and these two will be all finished! thanks so much again!