Monday, September 6, 2010


today, the holiday marking the unofficial end of summer here in the states... the start of a new season.  does this day bring you joy for the crisp autumn mornings to come?  make you repine, as the last few days of warmth pass by?  a little of both?  

although, i'm not really sure the weather here in georgia got the memo... we're looking at ninety degree temps for the foreseeable future, after a teasing few days of cooler air... but i suppose the autumnal air has taken a firm hold in many parts of the country.

anyway, wherever you may be in the world, i hope you're having the lovely weather you prefer, along with a pleasant start to this september week.  in any case, here are some beautiful images by debi treloar (via so mee) to help you on your way.  this london based photographer's lovely work has been featured in numerous magazines, books, and newspapers around the globe... including the mouth watering design book, 'flea market style'.  is it wrong that images in a design book make me want to weep with joy?

happy monday

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TLB said...

I have just been looking at your blog and I must say that you have such beautiful images and lovely textiles.
Thanks for the great work.