Saturday, July 17, 2010

saturday shopping list - july 17th

cloudless day necklace, by postscripted

the sun is making a valiant effort to shine through the stormy clouds on this saturday morning... my body and mind in an equal struggle to venture out for a bit of thrifting and a trip to farmer's market

putting together today's shopping list is certainly not helping matters.  how easy it would be to sit here, in patient waiting for the forecasted rain, and let my fingers do the exploring.  i suppose i must focus on the deliciousness of fresh bread, peaches, goat cheese, milk, beans, and tomatoes awaiting me at the market ;)

three pheasant shakers, from happygovintage

sandy nordic tote, by woodroots

french silver basket vintage, from grandandtaylor

blue linen pants, by adatine

mr. moon, by harem6

vintage red metal stool, from robertagrove

two girls fine art print, by thelightfantastic

happy weekend


Mandy Bryant said...

What an amazing collection! Thanks very much for including me:)

harem6 said...

Wow! We are sooooo proud to be among the things you'd love to have! Your blog is wonderful! You have great taste! Mr.Moon feels amazing here !Thank you so much for inviting him!

She Can't Decide said...

very sweet and beautiful! I love so many of these things...


cottagefarm said...

such a sophisticated collection - it feels so romantic and airy. thank you very much for including my spools of thread.

Unknown said...

I'm delighted to be here- what a perfectly whimsical collection. I especially love the two girls print!

Thanks Katy!

Lauren Bauer Photography said...

So delicate and elegant. I love your finds here.

SwanDiamondRose said...

Thank you! It's a lovely grouping of finds.

Laurie said...


I'm so honored to make your list :) I love all your finds and am especially excited to have found your lovely blog! Happy weekend!

( Grand & Taylor )