Friday, November 7, 2008

Saturday Shopping List ~ November 8th

 i've purchased pieces from each and every one of the sellers featured in my shopping list this week!

check out fancypicnic for a list of all the great shopping lists... and the gorgeous list on littleloveblue!

1 ~ white vintage ceramic bear, by greybrocket
the two beautiful vintage candles holders that i 
purchased from greybrocket arrived 
yesterday, and have found a home proudly 
displayed on the top of my bookcase... so lovely

these amazing and delicate little candles sit on my
end table, where i can admire them everyday

i've ordered many candles from buzzhandmade, 
and all are absolutely gorgeous, with
the most wonderful pure beeswax scent

4 ~ windy on the coast, by roadside
this lovely is currently displayed on my bookshelf,
and if i can ever get my walls painted, there
is a waiting spot on my living room wall

5 ~ mid century candy dish, by modishvintage
i can't wait to see the gorgeous wood tiered 
candle holder i purchased from this lovely 
vintage shop

6 ~ deer handprinted artprint, by nateduval
can't wait to see this wonderful, limited
edition print in person!

i have a lovely little dish from palomasnest, with
the text 'you are my sunshine', one of my very
favorite songs

8 ~ mountain/forest playset, by mamakopp
my little wooden conifer tree sits next to my
janebox eggs on the end table... i am of course a 
huge lover of trees, and i love the simple elegance of
this one


Cary Walker said...

so pretty! i wish we had different taste though... i'm still jealous that you found that candle holder first!!

Half an Acre said...

lol! i have a habit of buying some things from some of the people I feature too! so hard not to!

Anonymous said...

wow! I love the composition of these colors and shapes. you've got a great eye!

'fancypicnic' said...

Oh, you make such a great list - you and your sister!! fabulous stuff...but I'd love to own all of it!

Sorry I'm late this week xx