Friday, August 15, 2008

The Soft Haze of Autumn

Well, I've finally returned to the wonderful world of blog after a computer technical difficulty month-long absence!

I left in full Summer mode, but am returning in a whole new frame of mind. Although I am currently 
sitting through a typical summer thunderstorm of August, my mind is already tending toward the 
beauty and thrill of Autumn! The sunlight is sharing my ache for the new season, shedding an already
softened light. A few of our park trees are also jumping far ahead of schedule by offering hints of painted color and 
falling leaves. 

One of my favorite aspects of the Autumnal season is the soft, almost hazy light that is shed upon natures gifts of fall. On the colorful leaves, pumpkins, woods, apples. My whole being craves this softness after the harsh 
intensity of summer.

This autumn series from little love blue, my incredibly talented sister, captures perfectly this delicate beauty of the season through her magnificant pieces of art. I want my entire house to evoke this look and feeling this fall! Here are examples of her art, and you can capture these beauties in her shop,


Laura said...

Beautiful!!!! It makes even me look forward to fall.

Cary said...

thanks so much sweetie!!!