Friday, April 4, 2008

More Fantasy Figures

As promised, I am working on some new needle felted fantasy figures. New little Olly gnome is listed on Etsy (Sidney gnome went to his new home!). Like Sidney gnome, Olly was also named by a friend who associated his little face with someone. It is great to see that their personalities are coming through! I also just completed this new wizard today, and will list him soon.

Our website,, also has a new look, thanks to the very hard work of Cary! A new collective blog has also been added, and will include news of our work, where it is available for purchase, our upcoming craft fairs, and also great info. on local craft related events and stores.

I also want to thank Aunt 'Laine', Cary, and Wendy for your incredible support. To be surrounded by such a great support system from family, friends, and our wonderful craft collective is truly a gift. Thank you.

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